Paul DeSouza

Investor Director

CA ANZ, B.Com, B.Bus Accountancy (Hons)

Paul was appointed to the Nexus Hospitals board in December 2019 as QIC’s nominated representative.  Paul has more than 25 years of experience in investment management, banking and finance and professional services. This includes involvement in a broad range of transactions in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America across the transport, energy and utility and social infrastructure sectors, including healthcare.

Paul is a Partner in the QIC Global Infrastructure team having been with QIC since 2006, and is a member of the QIC Global Infrastructure Investment Committee. Paul is also on the Board of Brisbane Airport Corporation, and the EPIC Energy South Australia group of companies and chairs the audit and risk committees of each of these groups. Paul previously served for more than six years on the Board of the Port of Brisbane Group of entities, MI Longbeach LLC, Portobar Capital, and the Westlink M7 toll road group of entities in Sydney.

QIC brings a sophisticated, long-term strategic approach to their investments across a range of infrastructure assets including transport (airports, ports, roads and carparks), energy (gas, electricity and water) and social infrastructure.  QIC identified Nexus as an ideal platform from which to grow the exposure of its client portfolios to the healthcare sector. With a long term investment horizon, QIC is aligned with the Nexus strategic goal of building Australia’s premier short stay hospital group, and is committed to investing the resources necessary to bring innovation and the latest technology to the Australian healthcare system.

QIC and Nexus share a vision of excellence, based on open collaboration and innovation, and facilitated through strong leadership. Paul is excited to bring his deep experience to the Nexus Hospitals Group, and to play a personal role in building a world-class hospital group for the Australian community.