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BJPH is a health care facility accredited by the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS). The ACHS standards of accreditation are known to be the highest achievable for a hospital facility.

Why is Accreditation Important?

From a patient’s point of view, ACHS accreditation simply reinforces trust in an excellent standard of quality in care and service. When a hospital or health facility has gained and maintained ACHS accreditation over time, it is an assurance of safety and quality of care. Because BJPH has ACHS accreditation, those who seek health services with us can do so with confidence that the services they receive are safe, the care will be provided at a consistently high quality and the risks involved are minimized.


Bondi Junction Private Hospital (BJPH) is governed by a Board of Directors that provides direction for the organisation and is supported by a management system that includes both corporate and clinical care. Governance is a key area of responsibility of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and is the system by which this responsibility and accountability are shared amongst the governing body as well as its managers.

Governance incorporates a set of processes driven by effective leadership and governed by legislation that underpins relationships between the executive, workforce, patients and their carers. This system provides a platform on which a centre of excellence has evolved at BJPH with the clear objective to continually strive for improvement in delivering a high standard of care to its patients by minimising risks and continuously measuring, evaluating and improving the quality of care.

The high standard of safety and quality care at BJPH is evidenced through achievement of Accreditation status, a necessary part of a comprehensive system that aims to continuously improve the level of health service provision. It is a status and public recognition that is conferred on an organisation’s level of performance that has been assessed as having met a particular set of Standards.

Accreditation systems are considered to comprise five key elements:

  • Governance
  • A standards-setting process
  • A process of external evaluation of compliance against those standards
  • A remediation or improvement process following the review
  • Promotion of continuous quality improvement (ACHS April 2013)

BJPH is periodically assessed by Australian Council on Health Care Standards (ACHS), an independent external accreditation agency in meeting this set of standards of care and processes, namely The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

Our philosophy of consumer focus in care provision means that patient comfort, safety and quality of care is our highest priority. Understanding the needs and expectations of patients and potential patients are crucial to fulfilling our objectives. We value input and feedback from our consumers who have an important role to play in decision making in areas such as service planning, developing models of care, measuring service and evaluating systems of care.

Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

To gain and maintain such accreditation, (BJPH) has to continually demonstrate our dedication to providing safe, quality care and to ensuring patient satisfaction.

ACHS accreditation proves our commitment to continuous quality improvement, effective systems that achieve the best possible outcomes for patients and our ability to meet internationally recognised standards. ACHS accreditation requires establishing a structure and process that helps us improve quality and safety consistently over time. Our Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program overseen by the ACHS provides a solid framework for continuous improvement, helping us establish and maintain quality care and services. The directors, surgeons and staff at BJPH work together as a team in continually striving for excellence.

As part of the accreditation, from time to time, BJPH has to be willing to undergo an independent review process that aims to identify how strictly it keeps up with the defined quality standards. The last such review conducted in 2011 did not have any recommendations for improvement– meaning BJPH is adhering to its predefined quality standards in all its operations without deviation in any manner. Such a review result is a rare achievement for any facility.

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