Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment

The staff of Charlestown Private Hospital are committed to:

  • Providing the best available care to our patients,
  • Providing the best available service to our doctors,
  • Providing a competitive, affordable and safe health care service to our community

We are committed to continuously complying with our Management System which is based on ISO9001:2015, the international standard for Quality Management, and the National Safety and Quality Health Service standards.

We are also committed to:

  • continuously improving, getting better and learning
  • learning from our errors but also learning from others, and
  • acknowledging that best practice keeps on changing..

Charlestown Private Hospital believes that every patient, carer and consumer should be treated with care and respect according to the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights which acknowledges that a patient has a right:

  • of access to healthcare
  • to receive safe and high quality healthcare
  • to be shown respect, dignity and consideration
  • to be informed about services, treatment, options and costs
  • to be included in decisions and choices about healthcare
  • to privacy and confidentiality
  • to comment on aspects of care or concerns

We will work in partnership with you to ensure your safety and well-being whilst you are under our care. Our goal is to ensure that the highest standard of care is achieved by maintaining a quality framework which supports the staff and encourages education.

We will listen and work with patients and carers, including non-English speaking patients who require an Interpreter Service. We will also encourage participation with patients, carers and consumers through annual consumer forums.

We set a high standard for infection control to ensure that we can provide you with a clean, safe environment. We also believe that it is essential that we keep patients fully informed and educated regarding treatments and medications. We fully support antimicrobial stewardship and ensure that antibiotic prescribing is monitored.

We have an Open Disclosure Policy which ensures transparency and we will discuss matters openly and honestly with our patients and carers. We want you to receive the most efficient and courteous service that we can provide.

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