Quality Commitment


Hobart Day Surgery abides by the following philosophy and aims:
  • To communicate and consult with interested parties to ensure processes work effectively;
  • To provide feedback to encourage staff through the recognition of success.  For example, prompt feedback is to be given to a staff member who registers a risk;
  • To ensure continuous improvement and risk management processes are information-driven. They depend on timely information being provided to clinicians, managers and relevant committees, so that risks and improvements can be identified and evaluated both ‘pre’ and ‘post’ intervention;
  • To ensure all risk management and quality improvement activities are to be evaluated and monitored into the future to ensure the sustainability of their improvements.  The success of the processes themselves must also be evaluated on a regular basis;
  • To utilise the use of an electronic incident management system to facilitate the reporting of incidents, near misses and sentinel events;
  • To utilise integrated processes to facilitate the recording and review of complaints, commendations and other feedback processes as a rich source of risks and opportunities for improvement;
  • To actively seek performance feedback from our consumers and address opportunities for improvement that is identified;
  • To protect the patient’s rights to privacy by maintaining confidentiality;
  • To promote a culture of team work within the facility to provide the highest standard of patient care;
  • To uphold every patient’s right to expect, professional, efficient and courteous service;
  • To incorporate Best Practice Guidelines for quality outcomes;
  • To provide quality health services in a safe environment; and
  • To ensure financial viability through economical utilisation of available resources whilst continuing to deliver a high standard of patient care.


Hobart Day Surgery is committed to providing an optimum environment for the delivery of Day Surgery care, and designed to meet individual patient needs through the value of the nursing process.  We believe that it is possible, employing a multi-disciplinary team approach, to carefully match the knowledge and abilities of nursing personnel to the care needs of patients/clients, maximising both quality of care and occupational development.

In line with current Best Practice Principles, all interventions are planned to assist the patient/client in meeting the projected outcome in a caring, efficient and professional manner.  The overall staffing plan is flexible to match the workflow and specific needs of day surgery nursing practice.

Safety and Quality Mission Statement

Hobart Day Surgery is committed to the promotion and advancement of safe, cost effective same day surgery, using modern state of the art theatre equipment and technology.

Hobart Day Surgery has a comprehensive Infection Prevention and Control Program in place.  We use the expertise of an external consultant to provide and oversee this programme.

Our facility and staff are regularly audited for compliance with AS/NZS: ISO 9001:2016, Australia Commission of Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC) National Safety and Quality Healthcare Standards, National Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines (2010), Australia Standards for Reprocessing of Re-usable Instruments (AS4187-2014), and the Australia College of Operating Room Nurses Standards for Perioperative Standard 14th Edition (2016).

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