Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any paperwork I need to complete?

Yes. We do have a hospital admissions form that we will require you to complete and return to us 7 days prior to your hospital admission. The hospital admission form will be provided to you when your procedure is booked (usually by your surgeons Reception staff) and you can return this to us by:

Post (Reply paid envelope provided- Please allow at least 4 business days prior to surgery.

Electronically (Scanning and emailing directly to enquiries@mdpc.com.au)

Fax (03 88 500 591)

The hospital admissions form can also be downloaded from our website under the

Patient Information tab should you require any additional copies.

Where can I park?

Free parking is available. You may park in the undercover area of the building on Level 2 and take the lift to Manningham Day Procedure Centre on Level 3. Alternatively, you can park in the outdoor parking area surrounding the medical centre. Both the lower and upper parking levels are now time restricted so your driver should be aware of the parking signage when you disembark your vehicle.

What should I bring with me?
  • All current medications in their original packaging
  • If you are coming from a nursing home, please bring your medication chart
  • All current X-rays or scans
  • Mobility aids, hearing aids, reading glasses
  • Pacemaker card if applicable
  • Your Medicare card and your health insurance membership card
  • If you do have an out of pocket cost, excess or co-payment to pay on admission, you will need to bring along a method of payment.
  • Power of Attorney documentation (if applicable)

How should I dress on the day of my surgery?

It’s important to wear loose comfortable clothing and flat footwear on the day of surgery.

Can I wear make-up or jewellery on the day?
  • DO NOT wear any jewellery (wedding ring and watch are permitted)
  • DO NOT wear make-up or nail polish (ensure that one finger is free of artificial nail extensions)

Can I eat and drink before my procedure?

Fasting is of great importance in the preparation for your procedure. It is important that you are aware that your procedure may be cancelled or delayed if fasting instructions are not followed.

You will be advised of your fasting instructions by Manningham Day procedure Centre staff or by your Anaesthetist before you are admitted to the hospital.

If you are unsure of anything when it comes to your fasting instructions, it is vital that you contact us at the hospital or your Doctor.

Should I keep taking my normal medication?

Medication advice is provided by your Doctor. Should you have any medication queries or concerns, please contact your Doctor.

Can my relatives/friends wait with me?

Relatives and friends are welcome to wait for you in our designated visitor lounge area. Most admissions to Manningham Day Procedure Centre require a minimum stay of 2 hours. Visitors may choose to leave the facility and visit a number of local shopping centres, cafés and restaurants within walking distance to the hospital. Our staff will call your carer when you are ready to be discharged from the Recovery area to the discharge lounge. There may be a waiting period in the discharge lounge, however your carer can sit with you and the discharge nurse will hand over all discharge information to both you and your carer before leaving the facility.

Is there food provided?

Light refreshments are offered to you after your procedure as required. Refreshments for relatives and friends are available at Aura Café and Restaurant on Level 4 of the Manningham Medical Centre. Alternately, your carer / relatives may prefer to visit local cafés within walking distance, at the Macedon Square Shopping Village. Doncaster Shopping Town is also within close proximity, located on Manningham Road in Doncaster.

How long will I be at the hospital?

Approximately two to five hours in total. Please remember your length of stay is subject to change, depending on variability’s on the day. For more information please feel free to enquire on the day of admission.

Can I (or my carer) esculate concerns or care if I think it’s necessary?

Our patients are orientated to the Day Procedure call bell and emergency call bell system during the nursing admission process. Patients and carers are also welcome to request the assistance of the Director of Nursing or Complaints Officer at any time during the pre-admission, admission and discharge process.

How will I get home after my procedure and can I go home alone?

You must have a responsible person accompany you home with a carer available to assist you overnight and for 24 hours after your discharge. Our Nursing staff ensures your carer is aware of your requirements following your anaesthetic / surgery, including how to manage concerns, should they arise, once you are at home. Procedures may be postponed if a responsible person is not available to escort you home and care for you overnight.

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