CEO Message

Nexus was founded with the aim of partnering with doctors to build a high-quality, national network of surgical hospitals. In the five years since we celebrated our first hospital partnership, we have achieved a large part of this goal. We have openly shared best practices across our hospitals to deliver a better patient experience, increased employee opportunities and greater investment in facilities and equipment. We should all feel proud of the positive culture and excellent market reputation we’ve built in such a short period of time.

The Nexus name has become synonymous with quality patient care and surgeon engagement, and our culture openly supports collaboration and innovation. It is the exceptional care delivered every day, to every patient, across each of our hospitals that has built this reputation.

To assist national recognition of these attributes, it is now time to bring all our hospitals under the Nexus banner. A branding refresh will be rolled out across the Nexus group from next month. A key element of this branding will incorporate the Nexus group logo as part of the signage for each of our hospitals. An example of the new branding system is below.

Linking each site with the Nexus logo is a deliberate move to combine the local hospital identity with the strength and recognised quality associated with Nexus as a national hospital group. Rebranding of each of our sites will be undertaken in a phased program over the first half of next year.

More broadly, we aspire for Nexus to set a precedent in driving positive change towards sustainability of the private healthcare sector. Partnering with each of our key stakeholder groups is core to this change. Through active engagement with our surgeons, staff, health funds, suppliers and government we aim to implement best practice models of care, outcomes focused treatment programs and remove unnecessary waste in the system. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure the private healthcare system in Australia remains sustainable. We believe Nexus is ideally positioned to lead these changes and demonstrate proof of new models that can be emulated by others.

What does this mean? It means working with our stakeholders to implement innovative approaches to care which can further enhance the patient experience, improve utilisation of existing infrastructure and free up precious healthcare resources.

For example, this year we will work with our surgeons to implement best practice models of care to improve recovery times, shorten hospital stays and deliver better patient outcomes. We have also commenced initiatives across several of our hospitals aimed at enhancing a personalised patient journey and a focus on individualised and compassionate care.

Importantly, we also recognise that we need to care for our staff and ensure their wellbeing so they can in turn provide excellent care for our patients. As part of our ongoing commitment to staff welfare we’ve implemented a national program of mindfulness and wellbeing training. This is structured around the Awakened Mind app and training program which has been made available to staff. The early feedback from participants has been encouraging, including reports of better sleep patterns, improved eating habits, increased physical exercise, better alertness at work and reduced stress levels. We’re thrilled at being able to assist our staff and we believe this will in turn build confidence, resilience, job satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

This is all about setting a new benchmark for what hospital care should look like and improve the overall healthcare system. If you have an idea that you believe could make a difference, I’d welcome hearing from you.

Each of us should be proud of the individual contribution we make to these larger outcomes. Each day when we enter our hospital, every one of us can take responsibility for the experience of patients while in our care. This is a goal well worth striving for as we all continue about our daily roles.

Andrew Petering
Chief Executive Officer
Nexus Hospital Group