Patient FAQs

1. How long will I be at the hospital?

As each procedure is different, please refer to your hospital’s information page located under ‘locations’.

2. Do I need to bring anything with me?

Don’t forget your Medicare and any other health fund card you may have. You will also have been given some paperwork by your surgeon – it’s important to remember to fill it out and bring this information on the day.

It’s best to wear no jewellery, restrictive clothing, perfumes/aftershave and leave your valuables such as your phone at home or with your carer as the hospital cannot accept any responsibility for lost or stolen items.

3. Can I come alone or does someone need to accompany me?

It’s important that someone is there to pick you up and accompany you home after your procedure – you may be groggy, therefore driving or taking public transport is not suggested. Taxis are also not recommended – your carer will need to ensure you are home and settled.

4. Does the person who is accompanying me need to stay throughout the procedure?

They won’t be allowed in surgery – however they are most welcome to sit in the hospital waiting room, or ask the receptionist if there are cafes or shops within an easy distance.

5. Where do we park?

Please refer to your hospital’s information page, which can be found under ‘locations’.

6. Do I need to pay on the day?

Fees are payable on admission.

7. What about my daily medications?

Take your medications unless otherwise informed by your surgeon.

8. What if I can't make it on the day - say, if I fall ill?

Contact the hospital as early as possible to arrange another appointment.