25 years ago, a group of surgeons asked Geoff for help taking clinical and financial control of their operating theatre facilities. Intrigued by the potential of this request, Geoff established a unique model of shared ownership – National Day Surgeries, then Australia’s largest group of doctor owned hospitals. Since joining Nexus, Geoff continues to bring his extensive commercial, legal and property expertise to structuring and developing new facilities. And with many years’ experience in senior management roles, Geoff brings sound financial and corporate management principles to the health care industry (along with an MBA from the University of Newcastle).

Geoff fundamentally believes ensuring doctor partners are heard – as this is the most important way Nexus can continue to ensure exceptional patient care. And with his diverse interests outside the business world ranging from NBA and Shakespeare to bushwalking, French wine and photography, you can expect a conversation with Geoff to be both enlightening and interesting.