Surgeon FAQs

1. What is Nexus?

Nexus is a group of hospitals formed through a partnership between leading surgeons and highly experienced healthcare executives with the aim of providing a world-class standard and experience of care to patients, under a collaborative and highly successful business model.

2. Why join Nexus?

Nexus provides hospital owners with a means to introduce an experienced hospital operator to their hospital, while retaining a meaningful shareholding linked to their hospital through our proprietary “tagged equity” investment mechanism.

By joining Nexus, hospital owners can take advantage of a group approach to health fund contract negotiations, assistance with recruiting surgeons to operate at their hospital, quality management system and accreditation support, access to group-level procurement terms as well as other Nexus “network benefits”.

3. How can hospitals join Nexus?

Commencing with a confidential discussion, hospital owners meet with the Nexus management team to explore how our mutual strengths can compliment each other to grow your facility and help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

On joining Nexus, Nexus Hospitals acquires 100% of the hospital business for a combination of cash and shares in Nexus, which are “tagged” to your hospital. Nexus “Tagged” equity grows in value as a product of the performance of your hospital as well as that of the group as a whole.

4. Can overnight hospitals join Nexus?

Yes. While our primary focus is on day hospitals, our group also includes short stay surgical facilities.

5. Does Nexus own doctors' practices?

No. Nexus does not take part in practice ownership in any way. At its core, Nexus has been established as a supportive partnership with surgeons whereby surgeons’ clinical sovereignty remains sacrosanct.

However, our aim is for Nexus to be “Hospitals partner of choice” for surgeons. As such we provide support, advice and other initiatives to our surgeons to assist them to grow their practice and achieve their personal and career goals.

6 . I'm a surgeon – how do I get involved with Nexus?

Like any private hospital, most surgeons choosing to operate a Nexus hospital do so as a visiting surgeon or Credentialed Medical Practitioner (CMP). Some of our CMPs are hospital owners who chose to join their facility to Nexus and become Nexus shareholders, while some CMPs choose to become an investor in Nexus via “tagged equity” in their local facility.

7. Can I operate a Nexus hospital without becoming a shareholder?

Yes. Most of our surgeons are visiting surgeons, or Credentialed Medical Practitioners, who do not hold a shareholding in Nexus. For more information, contact us to seek a confidential discussion or enquire about Nexus in more detail.

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