Medical Specialists FAQs

  • Why join Nexus?

    We believe in long-term partnerships with our surgeons, as this underpins our collaborative care model. We’ll provide the patient care, facilities and management support you need, so you can focus on your patients.

    Additional network benefits include:

    • group negotiations for health fund contracts
    • quality management system and accreditation support
    • access to group-level procurement terms.
  • How do I join Nexus?

    You can operate in a Nexus hospital as a visiting surgeon, merge your hospital with Nexus and become a Nexus shareholder, or  invest in an existing Nexus hospital.

    We partner with surgeons who share our values and have the skills and experience to provide excellent clinical outcomes. We will need to confirm your credentials first, and our Medical Advisory Committee will conduct the necessary checks.

    Please visit your preferred local hospital page to download the credentialing paperwork. For more information, please contact us online or call us on 02 8005  7446 .

  • Why perform day surgery?

    Over 60% of admissions to Australian private hospitals are same day procedures – an upward trend that’s also evident in other countries. In the US, ambulatory (day surgery) care accounts for the majority of surgeries.

    We believe day and short stay surgery can be the most effective use of Australia’s limited health funding, and is a smarter way to manage clinical care. But most importantly, it is proven to provide a better patient experience. Waiting and fasting times are shorter, and the friendly, calm atmosphere (compared with busier and much larger hospital institutions) can help reduce patient stress and anxiety.

    Thanks to advances in anaesthesia and surgical technology, infection rates are lower and recovery is generally quicker – so patients can be back to their usual routine sooner. There’s less interruption to life, and a lower risk of complications as patients are encouraged to move again sooner. A recent analysis of Australian Institute of Health and Welfare FY17-18 Australian Hospital Statistics shows that day hospitals in Australia represent 54% of the private hospital sector.

    Day Hospitals Australia Day Surgery Analysis

    Russo A, Elixhauser A, Steiner C, Wier L. Hospital-based ambulatory surgery, 2007: statistical brief #86. Rockville: AHRQ; 2010.


  • Do your hospitals accommodate patients requiring overnight stays?

    Yes. Our group includes short stay surgical facilities to accommodate patients who require overnight admission following their surgical procedure.

  • What can I expect from a Nexus Hospital?

    Our hospitals are built to the same guidelines, and accredited to the same National Standards, as Australia’s biggest private hospitals. That means every aspect of your surgery, and the safety of our hospitals, is governed by the same standards of care. Our difference is the quality of our staff. As specialists in your surgical area and a consistent support team for your practice, they know what you and your anaesthetist need at every stage of the procedure.

    They’ll also go above and beyond to ensure your patients feel more informed and cared for. We all work together to ensure every patient can go home safely, and with confidence in their recovery.

  • Does Nexus have an interest in owning my practice?

    No. We are a supportive partner, and can help you grow and achieve your goals, but you maintain ownership of your practice.