Why partner with Nexus

Nexus was founded with one goal in mind: to provide an excellent surgical environment in partnership with doctors.

We invest in our people, because they are the patient experience. They also provide experienced support for your specialist field – so the right equipment will be on hand during surgery. With consistency in your theatre team and recovery staff, you can have confidence in the quality of care your patients receive.

We also invest in the latest technology to enable high quality day and short-stay surgery. With advanced surgical and anaesthetist skills and equipment, patients can return to the comfort of their own homes and back to their routines sooner, enjoy a faster recovery, and minimise the risk of complications.

Partnering with Nexus

Independent hospitals
If you own an independent hospital but would like to share the management responsibility with an experienced operating partner, we can bring economies of scale, health fund relationships and a deep understanding of clinical management.
If you would like to be a shareholder in the hospital in which you operate, you can also do this in conjunction with an experienced partner, or in a hospital that is already successful and established.
Visiting Medical Officer
If you would like to test the waters as a Visiting Medical Officer without being an investor, we invite you to contact our Business Development Directors.
A true partnership
Whether you invest with Nexus or are a visiting surgeon, you are a meaningful partner in our patient care pathway. We value your opinions and ideas, including your requests for specialist equipment to support your work.
Consistency in your practice
Nexus can also provide administration and management guidance to help you build a more rewarding long-term career. For example, we have helped doctors recruit partners to their consulting practice and develop a succession plan.
Positive initiatives with impact
Our strong relationships with government, health funds and medical suppliers enable us to address longstanding inefficiencies in the healthcare system.
At the forefront of health’s future
Australia’s private healthcare system is under financial pressure – and that is putting the patient experience at risk. We believe there is a better way, and are working hard with partner doctors and health insurers to re-think a more sustainable healthcare model that puts patient needs and outcomes first.