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At Kogarah Private Hospital, we foster a supportive, trusting and professional environment. All of our staff embrace our patient-first culture, and are dedicated to building personal connections while providing exceptional care.

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A comfortable, worry-free hospital visit begins before the day of your procedure. We’ll make sure you feel ready for your operation, and have everything you need for your stay with us.

When we’ve received your admissions forms, we’ll review your medical history, and get in touch if we require any additional information. On the working day before your surgery, a member of our staff will contact you between 12pm and 4pm with your admission time.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Kogarah Private Hospital, as with the Georges River Council, acknowledges that Biddegal/Bidjigal/Bedegal people of the Eora Nation are the original inhabitants and custodians of all land and water in the Georges River region.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people represented 0.5% of the Georges River population in 2016.

Council recognises Aboriginal people as an integral part of the Georges River community and highly values their social and cultural contributions.

  • Our approach

    Kogarah Private Hospital (KPH) as with the Council applies the following principles working with Aboriginal people that attend the day surgery

    Recognition: KPH as with the Council’s vision for reconciliation is a community where Aboriginal people are recognised as the First Nation of people of Australia and their heritage and culture is valued, celebrated and promoted.

    Respect: KPH as with the Council has a deep and ongoing respect of Aboriginal heritage and respects identified Aboriginal sacred sites and special places.

    Equity and Access: KPH as with the Council promotes equity of access for all members of the Aboriginal community to culturally sensitive services.

    Participation: KPH as with Council works collaboratively to improve social, culture and economic outcomes for Aboriginal people through engagement and commitment to ‘closing the gap’.

    Consultation: KPH as with the Council implements a range of consultative practices to capture the ongoing input of Aboriginal people in the community.

    Opportunity: KPH as with the Council seeks to identify meaningful opportunities for the advancement of Aboriginal people in the local area.

    Acknowledgement of Country

    KPH Georges River Council is committed to showing respect for Aboriginal people as Australia’s First Peoples. Council has adopted the practice of acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of Country.

    Kim Healey The Two Tribes Artwork

    Reference: Georges River Council Kim Healy, Two Tribes Artwork, Retreived 17/07/2019

Level 1, 1 Derby Street, Kogarah, NSW 2217

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