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At Southbank Day Surgery, we take pride in providing every patient with high quality, personalised care in a professional and comforting environment.

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A comfortable and safe hospital visit begins with a well-planned pre-admission process. This ensures you feel ready for your operation, and have everything you need for your stay with us.

Each procedure is different. Depending on the instructions your surgeon gives us, we may get in touch with you before your operation to confirm your admission time, and inform you of any out of pocket payments due.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is an important aspect of ending exclusion.  Awareness of the importance of different cultures and acceptance of this diversity as a part of modern Australia is central to the Southbank Day Surgery culture. This increased acceptance across all aspects of our society is a critical aspect in helping to create a more united Australia.

38 Meadowvale Avenue, South Perth, WA 6151

08 9368 7344


Mon to Fri 6:30am - 5:00pm

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