Carmen Mckenzie

Business Development Director - Western Australia

0419 979 208

With 34 years in healthcare, Carmen’s journey reflects a blend of scientific curiosity and a steadfast commitment to patient care. Her career path has taken her from university pathology labs to roles as a senior scientist and business analyst, spanning both the non-profit and corporate worlds. Her versatile experience highlights her capacity for growth and adaptation in various healthcare settings.

Carmen believes that – much like the intricate systems within the human body – every individual plays an invaluable role in a company’s success. Carmen’s view of exceptional patient care embodies her personal ethos of empathy, respect, and empowerment, and she is committed to ensuring every patient is highly informed and supported in their healthcare journey. Carmen strives to remain patient-focused, ensuring compassion is always central to her approach.

In her role as Business Development Director for Western Australia, Carmen thrives on engaging with diverse teams and clients. Her colleagues recognise and appreciate not just her cheerful demeanour but also her strong commitment to cultivating an environment that values collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning. This approach has made her instrumental in driving the company’s growth while ensuring a positive, progressive workplace culture.

Beyond her role at Nexus, Carmen is the proud mother of two young adults, and a keen fitness enthusiast, embodying her commitment to health in every aspect of her life.