Ed entered the healthcare industry as a way of expressing his gratitude for the tireless efforts of healthcare professionals who make a meaningful difference in patients’ lives on a daily basis. As a firm believer in providing exceptional patient care, Ed has a strong conviction that every member of the hospital team plays a role in delivering patient-centred care.

With over two decades of experience working with private hospitals and private health insurers, Ed is well known for his meticulous attention to detail, perseverance, and passion. Ed believes that IT is an enabler in healthcare which has led to the extensive use of data in decision-making, and collating information from different sources to develop robust proposals.

Outside of his professional life, Ed enjoys exploring the great outdoors, seeking out new experiences and spending quality time with his family.

Looking to the future, Ed is excited about the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. He is committed to continuing his personal and professional growth and is always looking for ways to improve and learn.