Safety and Quality

Mission Statement

Vermont Private Hospital is committed to providing the highest standard of patient care by creating an environment in which excellence and service flourish.

Quality Objectives

  • To meet all relevant health authority requirements in both facilities and standards
  • Provide a high level of professional care to all patients & families
  • Design, develop and maintain a high standard facility which encompasses current and future technological advancements to achieve optimum safety and comfort for all patients and staff
  • Develop and achieve a high level of staff involvement and ensure a client focused team approach to all patient and doctor services
  • Optimise the use of the operating suite to achieve high levels of efficiency, productivity and occupancy
  • Maintain the best clinical standards through strategic staff recruitment, staff training, peer review and update, quality assurance programs and critical evaluation of services.

Safety and Quality

Medical Advisory Committee

Vermont Private Hospital has a formal Medical Advisory Committee, with representatives from our medical team, senior nursing staff and General manager. The committee has the ability to co-opt other specialist members and consumers as required. This committee addresses clinical compliance, reviews clinical outcomes and excellence.

Safety and Quality

Vermont Private Hospital is working towards certification with ISO 9001:2008, and the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS)and is licensed by the Department of Health. Vermont Private Hospital is committed to the employment and ongoing training of licensed and qualified staff appropriate to the needs of our patients as specified by the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC).

Infection Prevention and Control

Vermont Private Hospital has a comprehensive infection prevention and control program in place. Our facility and staff are regularly audited for compliance with national infection prevention and control guidelines, Australian Standards for reprocessing of reusable instruments (AS/NZ 4187:2014) and the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Healthcare [ACSQHC] National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS).

Hand Hygiene Australia program

Vermont Private Hospital is committed to the Hand Hygiene Australia program and conducts regular audits to ensure compliance.

Clinical Indicators and Audits

Clinical indicators are measures of elements of clinical care which may, when assessed over time, provide a method of assessing the quality and safety of care. Vermont Private Hospital collect a number of clinical indicators that will be benchmarked against published data.

Risk Management

Vermont Private Hospital is committed to the highest of quality care and risk management.

Vermont Private Hospital has an active reporting culture and in addition to the collection of clinical indicators all adverse and sentinel events are monitored and reported for review to the Medical Advisory Committee and Board of Directors on a regular basis.

Staff Mandatory Training

Vermont Private Hospital is committed to providing an effective, well trained and up to date workforce. All training is supported by policies and procedures that are updated on a regular basis reflecting a best practice approach to care delivery. Additionally a strict process for checking credentials, registration and scope of practice for all clinical staff and accredited medical practitioners is practiced and audited.

This is ensured through the provision and maintenance of well-developed orientation and annual mandatory training and competency program.